Prices go crazy

Hi everyone, due to some kids playing Omnichord tunes on TikTok, omnichord prices have been going up the last few months. A kind of a third wave in omnichord history, prices are higher than ever. Also Suzuki dropped the production of Qchords alltogether. More than ever now's the time to get your omnichord and keep it. 16 years ago I met Abe Thomas in Frankfurt and presented the new omnichord to Suzuki. OK, it would look totally different now, but at the time it was a new & innovative concept. Obviously they didn't agree :-) But, we hope Suzuki is now ready to take on the challenge and surpise us with a new 2021 model. If you have ideas on how to make this happen, please drop me a line. Stay save and keep on strumming! For more daily news, please join us on facebook in the omnichord group. Or keep in contact through Omnichord Heaven.


Omnifest 2020

Hi everyone, I played 3 songs at Omnifest 2020, first worldwide omnichord festival ever (on Zoom) celebrating the official 20 years musicianship of Jenny Omnichord. (Check her out, she's amazing!) It was a wonderful event hosted by Darren Brown of Omnichord Heaven, dressed up as Captain Picard, organizing it all from Starship Enterprise. I met some great musicians from around the globe, great to see other omnichord players like this. Here's an original 'Hurryman' song I did. Hope 2021 will bring us a real life and Corona-free version! Stay safe, eat healthy, play omnichord & sing!


Dear visitor, Please take your time to browse through this blog. All my current omnichord activity is mainly focused on our facebookgroup. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Omnichord.QChord/ Also visit http://www.suzukimusic.co.uk/omnichord-heaven/ This website is the best source of information on Omnichords, hosted by my friend Darren Brown. I had real fun creating this blog, the first & for a long time the only resource on the Net! All in honour of this amazing little japanese instrument. Thanks & keep Strumming! Rob


great OM-27 repair video!

A guy called the Guitologist (his name is Brad Linzy, based in Louisville, KY, USA ) specializes in vintage and high-end guitars and amplifiers with a penchant for the rare and unusual. He did this great video we had a chat & he'll be added to the repair section on the right side of the page! & be sure to check out  his YouTube channel for more great repairs.



Claire DeWilde, artist at Artful Armadillo designed these funny & great animal/omnichord designs you can get printed on a T-shirt of your choice! They're available at Redbubble http://www.redbubble.com/people/artfularmadillo/works/22706514-omnichord-animals


in the spotlight: David Ramos

David Ramos was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, in april 1974.
His first approach to electronic music was at the age of eight when he was given a Casio PT-1 electronic keyboard. In the early years he form several electronic bands and, in 2001, publishes his first commercial cd “Electronic Sounds Experience” under the name LowenStein. In this point he decides begin a solo career. He composes the music for a lot of short films and movies, like Jess Franco´s “Snakewoman (2005)” . 2008 is the year of “Nocturnatta” his first conceptual album, experimental, romantic and evocative, this album forms the basis for his later works. From this point he begins a new travel investigating on electronic, noise, experimental, sampling and circuit bending sounds until today. Nowadays he combines his own personal experiments on music, experimental projects and film soundtracks with the Gree-Do band concerts. Always in electronic, he is looking for new sounds to take to your ears and mind every single day.

More info at: soundcloud.com/david-ramos-14