The original? some history for sale.

Just found this one again on Ebay: the Oscar Schmidt Easychord 2. Omnichord pioneer Abe Thomas told me they were released around the same time as the Suzuki portachord. Oscar Schmidt stopped production, that's where Suzuki took over and developed the omnichord...the rest is history!

Wanna see more?  go to ebay - EasyChord 2


Carboot sale gems

You always hear these stories " yeh, found it at a car boot sale for next to nothing"
I found my first Omnichord this way, 20 years ago, on a flea market in my village. There's a yearly Aftersummer Festival week with the usual games, activities & a market on the last friday. Every year since my first omnichord I try to find  something special, always looking for an omnichord, or any strange little musical instrument of some sort. Strangely enough, I've always been rather succesful at finding interesting stuff. I bought collectable Casio's, a sixties EKO bass guitar for 5 euros, a Hammond drum machine for a 6 or 7, weird old microphones for next to nothing and so on.
Now my friends rely on me to come back with something special every year..
it's becoming a real pressure:-)
Today history repeated itself. Someone I know from way back, once told me he had an omnichord laying around somewhere. He would dig it up and call me. This was 10 years ago, he never called and I forgot about it. This year he had a stand at the market and when he saw me, yelled at me: "Hey, I've got that Omnithingy with me!" I rushed through the crowd, and there it was, a great looking brown OM-27, with silver bag.  He explained he found it last week in the shed and it wasn't working. I said I didn't mind, it was still a good item for me, maybe it could be repaired or used for parts.  We decided on a small price, I rushed home, plugged it in, lights turned on and.. nothing, silence. Mmm.. let's plug it into an amp.  And yes! sound! everything worked as it should. Reason: someone had made an earphone - output and probably killed the speaker. So some work still.  But...also found an original Strum pick in the bag, my first!
I'm happy:-)