...wishing you a happy New Year!

Ah...Xmas has passed, the new year is on it's way and still there's no new omnichord.
Good news is I found spare parts somewhere and I promise I will finally start recording my omnichord cd...I promise! And some long awaited omnichord instruction video's. "NO!" I hear someone screaming in the background "they are sooo annoying!!" yes, we'll see:-) For now, to all my followers (yeh, you 10:-) A happy New Year! cheers


What's so funny?...

I had to post this one I couldn't stop laughing, great!


nice new song by Rachel Pearl

Check her out! You can find more on this artist at http://www.rachelpearl.com/ 
Rachel's ability to bring together classic sounds with current pop iconic music distinguishes her from many other musicians and also points to a growing trend. Respect is exactly what Pearl has earned by staying true to her vision while keeping her ears and mind open to the pulse of pop from Nashville to Los Angeles and beyond.These days Rachel Pearl's new sound has been heavily influenced by artists such as: Oh Land, Robyn, Florence and the Machine Kimbra, Lady Gaga, Imogen Heap