...wishing you a happy New Year!

Ah...Xmas has passed, the new year is on it's way and still there's no new omnichord.
Good news is I found spare parts somewhere and I promise I will finally start recording my omnichord cd...I promise! And some long awaited omnichord instruction video's. "NO!" I hear someone screaming in the background "they are sooo annoying!!" yes, we'll see:-) For now, to all my followers (yeh, you 10:-) A happy New Year! cheers

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Anoniem zei

Hey happy 2012!

Love your blog, not a follower, but keep checking by now and again.

Whats this new omnichord you're talking about? Are you making a prototype from scratch??

I'm still dreaming suzuki will make a new omnichord with onboard synthesis, simple sequencer for bass parts etc and strumplate with some chromatic keys next to it! Ahh, would be something.

Anyway, happy omnichording!

Ker Nevez zei

sorry for my late reaction

about the new omnichord, you describe my idea perfectly, that's what I designed. Suzuki liked it very much, but they didn't have plans to do a new one that's more aimed at a more demanding user...I will talk to them again, maybe now's the time.