...wishing you a happy New Year!

Ah...Xmas has passed, the new year is on it's way and still there's no new omnichord.
Good news is I found spare parts somewhere and I promise I will finally start recording my omnichord cd...I promise! And some long awaited omnichord instruction video's. "NO!" I hear someone screaming in the background "they are sooo annoying!!" yes, we'll see:-) For now, to all my followers (yeh, you 10:-) A happy New Year! cheers


What's so funny?...

I had to post this one I couldn't stop laughing, great!


nice new song by Rachel Pearl

Check her out! You can find more on this artist at http://www.rachelpearl.com/ 
Rachel's ability to bring together classic sounds with current pop iconic music distinguishes her from many other musicians and also points to a growing trend. Respect is exactly what Pearl has earned by staying true to her vision while keeping her ears and mind open to the pulse of pop from Nashville to Los Angeles and beyond.These days Rachel Pearl's new sound has been heavily influenced by artists such as: Oh Land, Robyn, Florence and the Machine Kimbra, Lady Gaga, Imogen Heap


Oscar Schmidt Easy Chord 2

I'm sorry I missed this one! The Oscar Schmidt Easy Chord 2. That's what happens if you're busy living your life:-) But I picked up the pictures from Matrixsynth (awesome blog, check them out) Although this is not Suzuki, rumour has it this is where the omnichord originates from. Lovely thing, and went for a reasonable price. I would love to hear and see one. Anyone??   mmm...makes me wonder about the Easy Chord 1!


Gregory Page ...again!

Same tune, but different view! great to see it used this way.


Gregory Page on the Omnichord

British singer-songwriter Gregory Page is also a keen Omnichord player. Find him at www.gregorypage.com. Thanks to Irma for the link!


Sonic couture's sampled Omnichord

Sonic Couture  sampled an OM-84 you can download from their site for 10 pounds...."The Omnichord we have sampled here is a ‘System Two’, and it has a great synth tone, which sounds ‘cheap’ in all the right ways. You can mix two different tones, one straight, and one modulated with a basic LFO. While not sounding much like a plucked string, it does have a pure character all its own, which won it many fans, such as Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, to name but two......" Check it out!


2 Nice tunes!

This time I'm posting 2 for the price of one! enjoy


sElf - awesome Omnichord!

One of my readers send me this link. I had seen it before once, but couldn't find it anymore. Thanks very much for sending it! This guy is awesome, combining drums and an Omnichord. Enjoy!


Omnichord Through Boss SL-20 Slicer

Found this today: Roke 3028 playing a Suzuki Omnichord through a couple different pedals and a rack-mounted effects processor for a bit of reverb. The signal is then split from the Boss Slicer pattern processor pedal to two separate amps which creates a stereo ping-pong effect from one amp to the other....... In conclusion, the Omnichord + Boss Slicer = Cool shit!"


"Roads" tries out a new song

Another Omnichordiac find:-) The band is called "Roads" & they tried out this song, but it sadly didn't make the album. The nice thing about finding these video's is, that I also discover new bands that make great music! Check them out:  www.roadsband.com



this is a question I got from one of our blogreaders, is there anyone who can help?
I'm thinking about modifications to an OM-250M and I wonder if there are others with experience in this.  Two, in particular, immediately come to mind.  Firstly, I would like to externally trigger the tempo (with or without MIDI) so that it can be synced.  Next, I would like to disable the feature that immediately kicks in the drum rhythm when a chord is pressed.  That way the chord would only apply to the strum bar.


Om-27 for sale in Holland

A brown OM-27 (the first omnichord) now for sale at Marktplaats.(sold!)
here it is!


Nothing sings praise the lord, than the Omnichord!

For some reason I waited a good while to post this. But in a weird way, I sort of like it, so here they are!
OK, there's a Suzuki Qchord somewhere, I'm not gonna tell you where,  you have to experience this video:-)  If  you look at the boy (he's talented!), I hope he'll at least become a new David Eugene Edwards someday:-)

"Down Home" Gospel Music Clips from Roland Zimmerman Family on Vimeo.


Tronichord for sale

Tronichord for sale
Hi everyone, there's a couple of nice omni's on ebay now.  It seems some of the prices aren't going through the roof for a change. And...the Tronichord appeal is fading I guess:-) someone offers this one for under 600 dollars.

Parts needed!

For my omni-friends I'm still looking for Omnichord parts! this time a OM-36 shell, it doesn't have to work! and a Battery compartment cover for the OM-100/200/300 series.


What's for sale? Qchord, 2 omni's, portachord, Suzuki SMW-1000

Portachord on Ebay!
Suzuki Portachord 

Someone selling 2 Omni's
OM-27 + 0M-84 on craigslist 

The Netherlands 
Qchord for sale 
almost new in box.

Suzuki SMW-1000

This actually doesn't belong here but....these are extremely rare! the Suzuki SMW-1000 is a midi-melodion built in 1989.
also for sale at Marktplaats.
 Suzuki Midi Melodeon


Her first attempt at playing the omnichord

Ms I. bought an Omnichord recently, she's a happy girl now:-) shows how quickly you can learn to play.


Om-27 and OM-84 chip information

I found more info on OM-27 & OM-84 chips at:   http://www.vintagechip.altervista.org/
I know nothing about electronics myself, but maybe it's interesting reading material for benders & technicians:-)


VST Omnichord for sale: proceeds to Japan

Great idea!
the guys at sonic couture sampled an OM-84. You can buy the VST, all the proceeds go to the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami appeal. http://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/g28-omnichord/


Oh Land on Omnichords

Rainbow by Oh Land from Big Ugly Yellow Couch on Vimeo.

Oh Land (Nanna ├śland Fabricius) is a singer from Denmark.  Here she does one of her  "cinematic electropop" songs with 2 omnichords! http://www.myspace.com/ohlandmusic


OM-84 for sale at Marktplaats

Anyone in Holland looking for a classic?   sorry - sold!
Now at Marktplaats there's an OM-84 for sale. Follow this link: OM-84 system 2


a moment for Japan.

Writing a blog about Suzuki Omnichords brings the disaster in Japan close to home. During the last couple of days I slowly realized the scale of this disaster. It's bigger than anything ever happened in Japan.
I met with Mr Yu Beniya of Suzuki and his collegues a couple of years ago and wanted to know how they were. Through Howard Johnson of Suzuki Europe Ltd. I received this message from Yu.

Message to all who have asked about the situation:

Our Suzuki staffs, My family here in Hamamatsu, Japan are fine and thinking about afflicted peoples.....in Miyagi Pref. Fukishima Pref....and Tokyo.......It is a teribble situation....
The eathquake occured in the north of Japan,
and our office (in the middle) shaked not so seriously.
Now we are just so shocked by the tragic situation on the news,
and can do nothing, just seeing how it will affect the nuclear alert.....

I have to say ' Stand up to a crisis together by joining hands '. 

Lets hope and pray for the best. 



new: manuals and schematics!

If you want to repair your Omnichord, you'll need service manuals, owners manuals, schematics etc.
We collected a couple of them and they are free downloadable from this site. We'll keep looking and post them as soon as we found them.
Still looking for : OM-36 + OM-300 manuals & schematics, OM-100/150/200/250M schematics, Tronichord schematics. Also scans of flyers etc are welcome!


"Nothing sings praise the lord...

like the omnichord!" a Canadian friend of mine once said. And it seems he's right, judging by this songbook I spotted on Ebay. Needless to say, I had to share this with you:-)


I like this:-)

I also use the Stylophone and a Casio, so I really like what this guy did.
Some people use very expensive synths and get...nowhere!

You only need good ideas, creativity & inspiration:-)


Omnichord News

Omnichord News

Casey Desmond's Tronichord
Singer and omnichord player Casey Desmond recently updated her website. I think she didn't own a Tronichord the last time, but now she does:-)  Some great pictures there. She recently recorded a new album, do check it out! http://caseydesmond.com/

Kim Wayman cd now available on Bandcamp!
4 songs of the New York based singer/ songwriter and make-up artist Kim Wayman can be purchased from the Bandcamp site. Check out this live performance on youtube and listen to her songs, she's an amazing artist.


Harp App for Iphone 
-the omnichord mobility check-
First there was a Polychord app, now someone came up with the Harp app. http://harpapp.com
Sounds OK, but nothing beats the real thing:-)