Steven deBruyn playing the Qchord

Belgian harmonica master Steven deBruyn also plays Omnichord. He sent me this link of the song "Kerosene" Live on stage with the Rhytmn Junks. Thanks Steven!


my collection

I finally took the time to take some pictures. There's still a couple models I need to find to complete my collection: the OM-36 and the OM-100...
This is my first, the OM-27 I bought at a carboot sale in my village in 1985. Payed 5 guilders ( 2,50 euro's) for it and it came with the original silver bag.
The OM-250m I bought new in the beginning of the nineties. My violinist uses it in our band these days.

I found this OM-300 3 years later, again a bargain! This one I used a lot to record strings on my demo's. It has limited midi capabilities, no way of re-assigning channels, but who cares:-)
I just found out I actually own 2 OM-84's (System 2) and there's another on the way!  The Om-36 is quite similar, without some of the extra features. I think this one is my favourite: the "sonic string" mode + the low-fi drumsound makes it a lot of fun to play.
The Qchord The first time I saw it, I really wanted to have one! It took some time and in the process I mysteriously became the importer for the Benelux for a couple of years:-) The Qchord has certain nice features (whammy bar & a couple of good sounds) but isn't a real step forward from the OM-300. Also it has a lot of buttons with digital double-functions. This can be very annoying: when you switch off the power, your settings are gone.
My pride and joy! the Tronichord (PC-27) also known as Portachord. I recently bought it after searching the net for 10 years. It was the pre-model Suzuki made before they introduced the Omnichord. Very limited capabilities: Just chordbuttons, a strumplate ,volume, one sound...It's a simple but amazing supermusictoy:-)


looking for OM-100/200/300 dead or alive

I've started a search for broken omnichords, parts etc A friend of mine has got a lot of motherboards, parts and broken or half-dead omni's he wants to repair. So we're setting up a Omni-hospital I guess:-)