Tronichord pics..

As promised, here they are! I found out it also has a modelnumber : the PC-27.
Nice detail: the box still has the original pricetag: 195,00 dutch guilders (about 95,00 euro's)
It was purchased from a toystore called Dieterman. While looking for this company I stumbled on a dutchman who is a wizard in selling on Ebay with the same name (Donald Dieterman)  He's specialized in toys...I wonder if he's related:-)


Omni-Pics on the net

In my search for more Omnichord-addicts, I stumble across more & more articles on the omnichord. Nice!  When I started importing the Qchord years ago, I  took pictures of my omnichords to show them on my website...
Now everybody's using the shots I took for their blogs, articles etc...
it's really weird to see the Om-300 I still use in my band on wikipedia and all the other sites!