Omnichord stand

Hi Omni lovers, I've seen a lot of "Live" pictures of the omnichord. Some people use basic music stands, others little tables etc. I wanted something that looked good:-) Here's my gadget. Thanks to a local drum parts supplier I came up with this. I'm interested in your ideas, models and reactions! Also if you want one, they're made to order!


First Hurrymania gig!

In my band Hurrymania we use 2 omnichords (of course:-) Our violinist Sooi uses the OM-200, I use the Qchord. I haven't persuaded my drummer & bassplayer yet, but it won't take long! I designed a special stand, made up out of drum parts: It's half a cymbal stand married to a snarestand. If you look closely, you can see it in this photo. Works great! close up pics wil follow soon.