What's for sale? Qchord, 2 omni's, portachord, Suzuki SMW-1000

Portachord on Ebay!
Suzuki Portachord 

Someone selling 2 Omni's
OM-27 + 0M-84 on craigslist 

The Netherlands 
Qchord for sale 
almost new in box.

Suzuki SMW-1000

This actually doesn't belong here but....these are extremely rare! the Suzuki SMW-1000 is a midi-melodion built in 1989.
also for sale at Marktplaats.
 Suzuki Midi Melodeon


Her first attempt at playing the omnichord

Ms I. bought an Omnichord recently, she's a happy girl now:-) shows how quickly you can learn to play.


Om-27 and OM-84 chip information

I found more info on OM-27 & OM-84 chips at:   http://www.vintagechip.altervista.org/
I know nothing about electronics myself, but maybe it's interesting reading material for benders & technicians:-)