Her first attempt at playing the omnichord

Ms I. bought an Omnichord recently, she's a happy girl now:-) shows how quickly you can learn to play.

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Iamirm zei

Or maybe I'm just extremely talented...

Hurryman zei

I stand corrected:-)
you definitely are!

Anoniem zei

Catchy tune hey!

Maybe you could have a page on your blog with songs that play particularly well on the omnichord? You know, songs where you can actually play the lead riff on the strumplate as well..

My so far favorites to play is A-Ha's Take on me and the velvet undergrounds Sunday Morning



Hurryman zei

That's a good idea, but not my cup of tea:-) I know there's a very active yahoo group and if you're on facebook, try the Qchord & Omnichord group. This guy (Abe Thomas) is a friend & has all the answers.

phil zei

Hi! This is unrelated, but I was curious what you thought of this modified OM-84 that's on eBay right now: http://cgi.ebay.com/FOLKTEK-Modified-Omnichord-OM-84-bent-circuit-synth-/300548506235?pt=Keyboards_MIDI&hash=item45fa16427b what does having copper plates there change? worth the money? Thanks!! :)

Hurryman zei

Hi Phil, if you're into circuit bending, it's interesting I guess. there's a lot of youtube material on the Folktek modified omnichords. If you just into making music, get a normal one:-)