‘Information’ by OM84.

The best album you never heard  ‘Information’ by OM84.

I found this story on someone else blog. I didn't want to repost it because it's such a personal document, please read it at  http://stenobot.com/  To hear the album go to OM84



new Omnichord website...

My friend and Omnichord technician Darren Brown decided to follow my lead and is currently building the 'official omnichord site' Omnichord Heaven  I'm looking forward to it. Darren has loads of info, knowledge, folders, parts & posters and finally came round to building this site.


The original? some history for sale.

Just found this one again on Ebay: the Oscar Schmidt Easychord 2. Omnichord pioneer Abe Thomas told me they were released around the same time as the Suzuki portachord. Oscar Schmidt stopped production, that's where Suzuki took over and developed the omnichord...the rest is history!

Wanna see more?  go to ebay - EasyChord 2


Carboot sale gems

You always hear these stories " yeh, found it at a car boot sale for next to nothing"
I found my first Omnichord this way, 20 years ago, on a flea market in my village. There's a yearly Aftersummer Festival week with the usual games, activities & a market on the last friday. Every year since my first omnichord I try to find  something special, always looking for an omnichord, or any strange little musical instrument of some sort. Strangely enough, I've always been rather succesful at finding interesting stuff. I bought collectable Casio's, a sixties EKO bass guitar for 5 euros, a Hammond drum machine for a 6 or 7, weird old microphones for next to nothing and so on.
Now my friends rely on me to come back with something special every year..
it's becoming a real pressure:-)
Today history repeated itself. Someone I know from way back, once told me he had an omnichord laying around somewhere. He would dig it up and call me. This was 10 years ago, he never called and I forgot about it. This year he had a stand at the market and when he saw me, yelled at me: "Hey, I've got that Omnithingy with me!" I rushed through the crowd, and there it was, a great looking brown OM-27, with silver bag.  He explained he found it last week in the shed and it wasn't working. I said I didn't mind, it was still a good item for me, maybe it could be repaired or used for parts.  We decided on a small price, I rushed home, plugged it in, lights turned on and.. nothing, silence. Mmm.. let's plug it into an amp.  And yes! sound! everything worked as it should. Reason: someone had made an earphone - output and probably killed the speaker. So some work still.  But...also found an original Strum pick in the bag, my first!
I'm happy:-)


Little gem by the Box Tiger

Ben of the Box Tiger sent in this link. The Box Tiger was founded in late 2009 by singer/song writer and guitarist Sonia Sturino. Chiming out a powerful indie rock sound with pop sensibilities, the Box Tiger's music has often been called a cross between Broken Social Scene and Florence & The Machine.

All in all, great band + they're Canadian, what's not to like? I hear a touch of Arcade Fire also.. I'm a fan now:-) This is great little omnichord song, so listen, share and start following this band! you can find them at: http://theboxtiger.bandcamp.com/


New download:-)

People tend to lose adapters. I've got 20 something lying around and they're all different. it's a disaster waiting to happen:-) Say you bought an omnichord without the original adapter, what to do?  Best advice: get a new Qchord QCA online. Just google and they pop up everywhere.  If you want to look through your old stock or pick one up from a carboot sale : Don't blow up your Omnichord, Check the polarity!  So I decided to made this for you....save it, print it & happy hunting!


Cornelia: Live Omnichord in London

Monday 6th August 2012
The Old Queens Head, 44 Essex Road, London N1 8LN
Times:19:00 - 23:00 Admission: £3

Cornelia is a Swedish songwriter and producer. Known for her Dream pop sound she will be performing songs from her singles "By the Fire" and "Aquarius Dreams" along with songs from her forthcoming album. For this occasion she will be using a marvelous instrument called an Omnichord - an 80's electric hand harp for your delectation
The Cornelia Diaries


'Squidfanny' and his circuitbend OM-27

What can you do with, or should I say TO an omnichord. 
Well, there are people out there looking for omni-evolution. This is one of them.


Just a nice pic..

Found this on the net somewhere, the picture says it all.


Mad World - Omnichord version (cover)

Omni Owners Gallery

On my old website I had a Omnichord Owners Gallery. This website is long gone & sadly, a lot of the photo's got lost due to a computer crash. I found a couple today, so I decided to start a new Omnichord Owner page here. Send me your best shot of you and your omnichord if you want to be in it!  here's a lovely one from Kim Wayman, singer songwriter extraordinaire from NY  www.kimwayman.com


portachord for sale

Found this one: for sale portachord! I don't know why it's still there, it can't be because of the asking price...


The Omnichord Album part 1

I've been thinking about making an omnichord album for a long time, ever since I heard 'Scream if you want to go faster' by the High Fidelity. They  produced the 'Omnichord Album' in 2000. Their founder/singer Sean Dickson (ex-Soup Dragons) wrote 11 songs starring the Omnichord in the leading role.I just picked up a copy locally through a 2nd hand site today.

I found this reaction Sean Dickson* wrote somewhere:
"This was a concept dreamt up by myself and John Peel after buying him an Omnichord for his 60th birthday . It still is one of my proudest achievements and every track sums up 5 beautiful years spent with Adrian , Ross and Paul . Hopefully one day people will realise how this album and Demonstration by The High Fidelity were completely out on their own and likely 10 years ahead of themselves . A second Omnichord album is in the making after a strange last 10 years but years a person would have to take to reach this point of being proud of this band"  

Mmmm, interesting read, I'm looking forward to hearing this album!
* Sean Dickson currently works as a DJ under the name Hifi Sean


Old plans for a new OMNICHORD?

I designed a 'new' omnichord in 2004 hoping it would be the next step forward. I was the Benelux Qchord importer then, and the Qchord hadn't changed since its launch in the 1990's. There were a lot of things I didn't like about the Q, so I decided to think up a better one. I wanted an Omnichord that would suit the needs of a songwriter like myself. The Omnichord Songwriter. Turned out, I wasn't the only one...
Looking at it now, I would probably change the design again to a more Retro looking  Omnichord, but I still love all the functionalities we came up with. We? yes, I consulted several Omnichord players around the world for their ideas. It was a labour of love. They're still waiting for the end result:-)
In time and if there's enough interest, I'll explain more about it.
I hope this idea will sprout in people's minds, create wings and fly, cause I would love to see a new Omnichord one day! 


Edward Barrow "enjoy the silence" on OM-84

Edward Barrow, anglo-french musician recorded 4 cover versions of tracks he particularly likes during a live video session... Discover 1 new cover every week...
Digital EP "Life Is Beautiful" to be released november 21st - Album "The Black Tree" to be released april 2012.  Check him out at:  http://www.edwardbarrow-music.com/

Edward Barrow "ENJOY THE SILENCE" (Depeche Mode... door  Volvoxmusic


So U Wanna B a Famous Omnichord User?

Wilfred Kozub & his Tronichord
I want to add a new page "the unofficial intergalactic omnichord owners gallery" 
Why? thought it would be a nice idea.
Do you want to be in it? 
it's simple: Send me a photo of you and your omnichord.
tell all your friends!

what do I need?
Reasonable quality photo of you and your omnichord of choice / Jpeg /  size: 600x800 max please..


Kim Wayman

 NY based artist and singer songwriter Kim Wayman has this incredible voice that grabbed me right away...and she plays the omnichord. How we met: I started my search for omnichord players 10 years ago when I imported Qchords in Holland. I asked each & everyone of them to send me a picture, holding their omnichord, for my website. I think Kim mailed me the sexiest ever:-) I'll have to see if I can dig it up:-)
For now, check out her music, get to know her, she's a great songwriter and deserves a worldwide audience! facebook.com/kimwaymanmusic

Here's the omnichord version of 'I feel Love' by Donna Summer, Kim recorded for "Unclubbed 2" Thanks for sharing this Kim, hope to see you play live one day! http://www.kimwayman.com/home.htm


Days of delay: ambient project

Days of delay is the ambient project of singer-songwriter/popmusician cyrus ashrafi. above is an ambient-concert with piano, santur, omnichord, theremin, kalimba, synthesizer, shortwave radio and noises. performed in an old school-auditorium in hamburg-wilhelmsburg during the "48h" festival in 2011. http://www.ashrafi.de  
Great piece of music in its own right! The omnichord kicks in at approx. 3.54.


Greek band 'No Clear Mind' live with OM-84!

Lefteris, a visitor to my blog mailed me this video of his band No Clear Mind a very interesting band from Greece. Great band, I love their sound! All the synthparts here were played on an OM-84. Check them out at: http://www.facebook.com/NoClearMind


Irma plays "Clocks" on OM-300

Dutch multitalent Ms. Irma Scheer, also responsible for the beautiful website of Gregory Page, sent me this great version of "Clocks" on the Omnichord. Enjoy!