Old plans for a new OMNICHORD?

I designed a 'new' omnichord in 2004 hoping it would be the next step forward. I was the Benelux Qchord importer then, and the Qchord hadn't changed since its launch in the 1990's. There were a lot of things I didn't like about the Q, so I decided to think up a better one. I wanted an Omnichord that would suit the needs of a songwriter like myself. The Omnichord Songwriter. Turned out, I wasn't the only one...
Looking at it now, I would probably change the design again to a more Retro looking  Omnichord, but I still love all the functionalities we came up with. We? yes, I consulted several Omnichord players around the world for their ideas. It was a labour of love. They're still waiting for the end result:-)
In time and if there's enough interest, I'll explain more about it.
I hope this idea will sprout in people's minds, create wings and fly, cause I would love to see a new Omnichord one day! 

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Hi Miguel, that's a good idea, thanks!