The Omnichord Album part 1

I've been thinking about making an omnichord album for a long time, ever since I heard 'Scream if you want to go faster' by the High Fidelity. They  produced the 'Omnichord Album' in 2000. Their founder/singer Sean Dickson (ex-Soup Dragons) wrote 11 songs starring the Omnichord in the leading role.I just picked up a copy locally through a 2nd hand site today.

I found this reaction Sean Dickson* wrote somewhere:
"This was a concept dreamt up by myself and John Peel after buying him an Omnichord for his 60th birthday . It still is one of my proudest achievements and every track sums up 5 beautiful years spent with Adrian , Ross and Paul . Hopefully one day people will realise how this album and Demonstration by The High Fidelity were completely out on their own and likely 10 years ahead of themselves . A second Omnichord album is in the making after a strange last 10 years but years a person would have to take to reach this point of being proud of this band"  

Mmmm, interesting read, I'm looking forward to hearing this album!
* Sean Dickson currently works as a DJ under the name Hifi Sean

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