Private collection

OK, I 'm guilty,  I'm a collector:-) But: I didn't start buying Omnichords to own and just look at them,  I wanted to play them! We currently use 2 omnichords in the band. Also we're working on an omnichord album, so I use all the models in my studio. Everytime I play one, I just have to smile, I don't know what it is. 
A kind of plastic fantastic Suzuki Zen?


This is my first, the OM-27 I bought at a carboot sale in my village in 1985. Payed 5 guilders ( 2,50 euro's) for it and it came with the original silver bag.
The OM-250m I bought new in the beginning of the nineties. My violinist uses it in our band these days.

I found this OM-300 3 years later, again a bargain! This one I used a lot to record strings on my demo's. It has limited midi capabilities, no way of re-assigning channels, but who cares:-)
I just found out I actually own 2 OM-84's (System 2) and there's another on the way!  The Om-36 is quite similar, without some of the extra features. I think this one is my favourite: the "sonic string" mode + the low-fi drumsound makes it a lot of fun to play.
The Qchord The first time I saw it, I really wanted to have one! It took some time and in the process I mysteriously became the importer for the Benelux for a couple of years:-) The Qchord has certain nice features (whammy bar & a couple of good sounds) but isn't a real step forward from the OM-300. Also it has a lot of buttons with digital double-functions. This can be very annoying: when you switch off the power, your settings are gone.
My pride and joy! the Tronichord (PC-27) also known as Portachord. I recently bought it after searching the net for 10 years. It was the pre-model Suzuki made before they introduced the Omnichord. Very limited capabilities: Just chordbuttons, a strumplate ,volume, one sound...It's a simple but amazing supermusictoy:-)