Tronichord pics..

As promised, here they are! I found out it also has a modelnumber : the PC-27.
Nice detail: the box still has the original pricetag: 195,00 dutch guilders (about 95,00 euro's)
It was purchased from a toystore called Dieterman. While looking for this company I stumbled on a dutchman who is a wizard in selling on Ebay with the same name (Donald Dieterman)  He's specialized in toys...I wonder if he's related:-)

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brothernoble zei

I inherited a Tronichord (no box or songbook) from my Grandmother.

I think I am looking to sell it, but I can't find any indication of what it might be worth.

Do you have any idea?

Hurryman zei

Hi Brother Noble,

I can tell you they fetch a good price on Ebay.

The first 2 I saw sold for 999 dollar!! (some people are crazy!)

but if you really want to sell it,I would give it a try.