looking for OM-100/200/300 dead or alive

I've started a search for broken omnichords, parts etc A friend of mine has got a lot of motherboards, parts and broken or half-dead omni's he wants to repair. So we're setting up a Omni-hospital I guess:-)

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benplanter zei

Hi, i have an OM-84 that needs repair.

It was fully working, then a friend accidentally powered it with a 12v power pack, now it's not.

If you have any tips on how to fix it...or are interested in repairing/buying it let me know! I have the original hardcase too.


Hurryman zei

Hi Yama,
it's difficult to repair.
It needs a "donor heart" normally it burns out the main chip and they are very hard to find. I don't konw where you are based, but if you are in the UK: contact Suzuki Music UK, and ask for Darren Brown. He's the guy with the parts:-)

good luck!

Anoniem zei

hi, same problem for me with an Om-200. Do you know someone in France who could fix it ? thx

Anoniem zei

Hey nice blog, you wouldn't happen to have some OM-84 boards laying around would you? :) Stupid me plugged it in with a reverse polarity power adapter..Now it only powers up, and the speaker works..but that's it..no sweet strum and lofi drums. :(

Thomas zei

Greetings from the United States!

My name is Thomas and I stumbled across your website as I was searching for help with my broken Portachord. You seem like a you might be a good person to ask. My Portachord will turn on but I can not get it to emit any sound. Do you know of any common problems that they have that I might look into?

Thanks for you time.

Hurryman zei

Hi Guys,
sorry for the late reaction, somehow your messages didn't appear in my mailbox. For Om-84 boards please send a mail to darren.brown@suzukimusic.co.uk, He might have a couple laying around.

Parts for the Portachord are as rare as the portachord itself:-)my advice: try to find out which chip it is, you can start a search on the internet, I'll have a look also.

Unknown zei

Hi - I live in the states - I have a sweet om-300 but it is starting to bug me that it's missing the battery cover - any ideas?

Ker Nevez zei
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Ker Nevez zei

Hi Unkown, it's a known problem; there are no replacement battery covers, at least, not that I know of.

the only thing I can think of is becoming really creative with other batterycovers from plastic toys or toy synths, do some remodeling and glueing to make a new one.

Jeremy zei

Hey there! I'm in the USA and my Omnichord OM-36 sadly stopped working last night while I was in the middle of playing. The Red power light was still on, but no sound whatsoever. Then the sound came back for a second and then disappeared again for good. It seems like something is loose. Any ideas? Do you think I need a new part that that Darren Brown guy might have?

Ker Nevez zei

Again, this is a tech question. Could be anything, loose contact, you name it. I think you should have a local technician take a look at it first to determine the problem. If it's a broken part, most of them are 'of the shelf' only some of them are difficult or near impossible to come by. That's where you ask Darren:-)

good luck Rob

Unknown zei

Thanks! I emailed and Darren and he is trying to help me out. By the way, have you seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CtO712SCVc

Awesome blog man.

Anoniem zei

i have a 200m. pristine condition. it was my grandpas.

i am learning to play it, but am curious as i haven't seen anyone else with one. are they rare? i imagine they would be ideal for circuit modification/bending, being a noise artist myself, but i would never do this to mine. i remember my grandpa playing sweet georgia brown on it and scads more oldies... songs by rudy valle, marlene dietrich, etc. i am learning to play stuff by richard strauss currently...

glad someone else knows what they are...

Remi Fasol zei

Hi irisexit! thanks for your reaction!

200M's rare? I'm not sure, I see them sometimes, but like the OM-100 & 150 not as much as the older ones. I think a lot of the owners just don't wanna sell them :-) There's a big market for OM-27, 36 & 84's because they sound real vintage + they are great for bending.Actually I own a 250M myself, we use it in the band, it sound great and always works.
enjoy your Omnichord!

Robert Hurryman zei
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