new: manuals and schematics!

If you want to repair your Omnichord, you'll need service manuals, owners manuals, schematics etc.
We collected a couple of them and they are free downloadable from this site. We'll keep looking and post them as soon as we found them.
Still looking for : OM-36 + OM-300 manuals & schematics, OM-100/150/200/250M schematics, Tronichord schematics. Also scans of flyers etc are welcome!

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Woki zei

I have an omnichord OM-100 that has a couple chord buttons that have to be pushed down very hard for them to work. I would like to repair them, do you know if the om-100 can be easily taken apart and if its possible for me to do this repair myself. I have experience with electronics...

Anoniem zei

Thank you for putting up schematics! Maybe I can finally have one of my OM84's fixed!

Love your blog, love omnichords!

Nathan Smith zei

Hello, do you happen to have the service schematic or manual for om-27? Thanks.

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith zei


Do you happen to have the service schematic or manual for the om-27? Thanks!

Nathan Smith