Omnichord News

Omnichord News

Casey Desmond's Tronichord
Singer and omnichord player Casey Desmond recently updated her website. I think she didn't own a Tronichord the last time, but now she does:-)  Some great pictures there. She recently recorded a new album, do check it out! http://caseydesmond.com/

Kim Wayman cd now available on Bandcamp!
4 songs of the New York based singer/ songwriter and make-up artist Kim Wayman can be purchased from the Bandcamp site. Check out this live performance on youtube and listen to her songs, she's an amazing artist.


Harp App for Iphone 
-the omnichord mobility check-
First there was a Polychord app, now someone came up with the Harp app. http://harpapp.com
Sounds OK, but nothing beats the real thing:-)

2 opmerkingen:

Neilson zei

Just discovered Jenny Omnichord and now I'm officially in love with the Omnichord. I am so happy to have found a blog dedicated to the great sounds artists make using this groovy instrument. Can't wait to try out the iPhone app.

Hurryman zei

I hope you enjoy her music! if you listen carefully, the omnichord is present in a lot of great songs. I plan to do some video's for youtube this year. Let me know if the Iphone app is any good, I don't have one:-(