'Wende' guitarist Maarten van Damme and his OM-84

I went to see a livegig by 'Wende' this afternoon in my hometown. She's an amazing dutch artist, and she played with this great 3 piece band. I know some of you here will definitely like her music. On arrival I heard a familiar sound....I rushed to front of the stage, quick scan and yes..an OM-84!
Wende did her show, great band, great songs, amazing performance...
she'll soon outgrow Holland I think.

After the gig I had a 'hi,helloI'mRobandIwriteaboutomnichords@the edge-of the-podium' talk with Maarten, the guitarist who also plays the OM-84. We just had time for a quick snapshot, but I asked him if he can send one of him and his omni. I hope we'll have a longer talk about his view on this instrument later. If you're interested, listen to Wende and her music here: http://wende.nu/en/enter

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